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  • Sales on the following items are final:

    1. Special orders.
    2. Products sold "as is" or "used" or that have been installed or used after receipt.
    3. NFA items.
    4. Illumination devices, electronic sights and optics.
    5. Ammunition.
  • A 20% restocking fee applies to all canceled orders.  

Firearms MUST be inspected prior to the firearm being transferred to the purchaser. Once a firearm is transferred to an individual, it is considered used and you can no longer return the firearm. The buyer is responsible for the return shipping costs and a 20% restocking fee if they decide to return it PRIOR to the firearm being transferred. If the item is defective in any way, it will be covered under the manufactuer's warranty. 


    It is illegal to ship firearms to anyone not holding an active Federal Firearms License (FFL). For that reason, firearms purchased online may be picked up at our store or shipped to an FFL (gun store) near you. We may contact and verify the FFL you select during checkout before we ship your firearm(s). The buyer is encouraged to contact the receiving FFL licensee before purchase.


    Due to DOT laws, Ammunition cannot be returned. All sales are final. We do not accept returns for accessories, magazines, Optics, lasers, sights, or other merchandise. 

  • Firearms MUST be inspected prior to the firearm being transferred to the purchaser. Once a firearm is transferred to an individual, it is considered used and you can no longer return the firearm. The buyer is responsible for the return shipping costs and a 15% restocking fee.


    Used firearms may not be returned. All sales are final. Description and photos (if available) are provided by the seller.


    All firearms, magazines, receivers and restricted law enforcement items are sold and shipped in accordance with all existing federal, state and local laws and regulations. Many of the firearms, magazines and parts for sale on this website may be restricted or prohibited in your area. Please check your local and state regulations before ordering.

    All new firearms are shipped in the original manufacturer's box, with magazine(s), accessories and applicable warranty. Firearms requiring warranty work must be returned to the factory within 1 year of purchase for repair. Accessories and special order items not normally sold by our store will not be covered under warranty even if these products are part of an integrated firearms package, unless we have guaranteed the entire package in writing. Please contact the original manufacturer for warranty information on all accessories and special order items.


  • All orders are shipped promptly from a distributor warehouse or in-store inventory within 3 - 5 business days using UPS or USPS. Tracking numbers will be emailed to you once your order is shipped.

    Online inventory changes every day. Occasionally an item may appear on the site by mistake or the item's description may contain a typographical error. We do not guarantee that titles, descriptions, pictures or prices on our site are error-free. We reserve the right to refuse any order including but not limited to orders for items with errors in the description or price. In the event that we cancel an order we will not charge the customer's credit card or we will refund the money.


    By placing an order for ammunition, you certify you are in compliance with the following:
    You certify you are at least 18 years of age for rifle ammo, 21 years of age for handgun ammo.
    You certify you have no felony convictions and are in full compliance with Local, State and 18 U.S. Code 922d 1-9, allowing for the lawful purchase of ammunition.
    You declare under penalty of perjury (under the laws of the United States of America) that all information provided to Elite Firearms LLC is true and correct.
    It is our policy to sell ammunition to US citizens only.
    Elite Firearms LLC cannot ship outside the U.S.A., no exceptions.
    We comply with ALL local, state, and federal laws. The following list of state and local laws is NOT represented to be all inclusive of the 50 states’ numerous firearms, ammunition and magazine laws. You must be aware of any laws affecting your purchase. Please send any required documents along with your order number to
    ALASKA CUSTOMERS: No sales of ammunition.
    CALIFORNIA CUSTOMERS: All ammunition must be shipped to a Licensed Ammo Vendor in California. Check for other Local & State laws before ordering.
    CONNECTICUT CUSTOMERS: To purchase ammunition, we need a copy of:
    An FFL dealer’s license by itself (not including type 03 C&R licenses)
    A valid CT permit to carry a pistol or revolver
    A valid CT long gun eligibility certificate
    A combination of a valid, legible copy of a CT ID/driver’s license AND a valid CT ammunition certificate.
    HAWAII CUSTOMERS: No sales of ammunition.
    ILLINOIS CUSTOMERS: We must have a current copy of an IL State ID or Driver’s License, and either a FOID or Concealed Carry License.
    Ammunition may only be shipped to an address on either of those 2 documents: 430 ILCS 65/2
    No sales of ammunition to the City of Chicago.
    MASSACHUSETTS CUSTOMERS: License to carry (LTC) for MA is required for any ammo purchases.
    NEW JERSEY CUSTOMERS: Firearms/Ammunition identification card (FPID) must accompany ammunition orders for first time purchasers.
    NEW YORK CUSTOMERS: No ammunition can be sent to NYC or Nassau county.
    WASHINGTON DC CUSTOMERS: No sales of ammunition.
    U.S. Code 922d 1-9
    (d) It shall be unlawful for any person to sell or otherwise dispose of any firearm or ammunition to any person knowing or having reasonable cause to believe that such person:
    is under indictment for, or has been convicted in any court of, a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year;
    is a fugitive from justice;
    is an unlawful user of or addicted to any controlled substance (as defined in section 102 of the Controlled Substances Act (21 U.S.C. 802));
    has been adjudicated as a mental defective or has been committed to any mental institution;
    who, being an alien—
    (A) is illegally or unlawfully in the United States; or
    (B) except as provided in subsection (y)(2), has been admitted to the United States under a nonimmigrant visa (as that term is defined in section 101(a)(26) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1101(a)(26)));
    who 2 has been discharged from the Armed Forces under dishonorable conditions;
    who, having been a citizen of the United States, has renounced his citizenship;
    is subject to a court order that restrains such person from harassing, stalking, or threatening an intimate partner of such person or child of such intimate partner or person, or engaging in other conduct that would place an intimate partner in reasonable fear of bodily injury to the partner or child, except that this paragraph shall only apply to a court order that—
    (A) was issued after a hearing of which such person received actual notice, and at which such person had the opportunity to participate; and
    (B)(i) includes a finding that such person represents a credible threat to the physical safety of such intimate partner or child; or
    (ii) by its terms explicitly prohibits the use, attempted use, or threatened use of physical force against such intimate partner or child that would reasonably be expected to cause bodily injury; or
    has been convicted in any court of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence.

*We do not charge any credit card fees through Shipping insurance is included with all purchases.*

Some US states prohibit perceived advertising or marketing of firearm related products to persons under 18 years of age.

Please verify that you are at least 18 years of age.